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Episode 3: Vancouver


I arrived back in Vancouver to a sporting fest – Rugby 7s and a tennis tournament for both my boys. My eldest was leading from the front, as captain of the team!

Two weeks of juggling family life, sports, final-year exams and driving tests (for the boys, not me) all reminded me of the important things in life. Family is right at the top of the tree. I like to think we all learn from each other, passing insights and enthusiasms down, but also up through the generations.

For me, with my travelling, technology is key to staying connected with my family, as well as the business and my team. My thanks to the clever, innovative Swedish and Danish founders of Skype.

Connectivity is key in the global legacy business and our internationalised world. We are stronger and better when we work together and across borders, rather than raising walls. The reality is that all businesses need to be open to new ideas, and to the introduction of new technologies that enhance our business practices, from wherever they originate. We are getting better at embracing it, for everything from portfolio and claims analysis to processing and administration – communication still is at the heart.

In the meantime, as I consider our vision for Compre 2025, I am reminded that by then 75% of the workforce will be millennials. That means we must begin to engage with our staff in a different way. No matter if that is challenging at times, we must lead from the front. I wonder how we will evolve? I have a few ideas, but certainly open to more…

I’m heading back to Europe soon, to Finland, Italy, Malta and the UK – for regulatory discussions as well as lots of new business and deal meetings, so watch this space.