What is Compre

Compre is an insurance & reinsurance legacy specialist focused on the acquisition and management of discontinued non-life portfolios, With Operations in Bermuda, Finland, Germany, Malta, Switzerland and the UK.  We have significant experience in all classes of direct and reinsurance business, including property, liability, marine and motor. Compre is privately owned with shareholders actively involved in management of the business.

Track Record

Compre has a track record over more than 30 years in the acquisition and management of non-life legacy business. To date we have completed:

11 Company acquisitions
Finland, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and UK

18 Portfolio deals covering 31 portfolios in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and UK

Compre has acquired from major financial institutions including: Allianz, Axa, Generali, Gjensidige, HSBC, QBE and Swiss Re. Many of these counterparties have sought finality with Compre on more than one occasion. Compre is trusted by vendors and is a highly respected business.

We have a strong balance sheet and access to varied forms of acquisition capital to suit different transactions.


We continually aim to protect and enhance the reputation of the institutions from whom we acquire business.  This is at the heart of each and every legacy solution and achieved through the timely payment of all valid claims as part of our proactive claims management.

Compre has been consistently trusted by major financial institutions for over 30 years to deliver complex finality solutions and manage their future claims.

We have open and positive relationships with regulators in multiple jurisdictions.